23-24 AUGUST 2023

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Aarikka x Restaurant Teatteri

Finnish design and lifestyle brand Aarikka, collaborated with Ravintola Teatteri, a renowned restaurant complex in Helsinki, in the spirit of Design Helsinki 2022, and came together to create a joint 'Pop-in-showroom'!

Arikka's CEO, Riia Sandström goes into further detail, explaining how "creating a different kind of "Pop-in-Showroom" within Ravintola Teatteri's premises allows Design Helsinki visitors to enjoy close encounters with the designs whilst enjoying their meals or drinks. The showroom places design items to hands distance to all attending Design Helsinki and are experiencing our beautiful capital city and celebrating its vibrant life"

Both Aarikka and Ravintola Teatteri have colourful histories and have been an integral part of building the characteristics of Helsinki. 















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