23-24 AUGUST 2023

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Timo Mikkonen

Timo Mikkonen

Head of Design / co-founder, Poiat Studio

Timo Mikkonen (b. 1979), is a Fiskars-based interior architect, designer, and co-founder of Poiat. Poiat Studio & Furniture is a multidisciplinary design company founded in 2010, known for its refined interior architecture and modern yet classic furniture.

The founders of the company, Timo Mikkonen and Antti Rouhunkoski, share the same ideology about creating designs that communicate enduring ambience with elegance and some modern quaintness. The objective is to design spaces and objects that hold something from the past, present and future.

Before founding Poiat, both Mikkonen & Rouhunkoski focused on creating interior projects with other architecture companies.

In addition to being the co-founder and partner at the firm, Timo is the Head of Design, overseeing and creating furniture design for Poiat Studio. As Timo and Antti work closely on both sides of the company, Timo is also involved in interior architecture projects.


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