23-24 AUGUST 2023

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Space only general information

Space only exhibitor general information

Your space will be a marked-out area, on which your stand can be built. There are no walls, electrics or furniture provided.

Your stand plan, including your Risk Assessments and Method statements, must be submitted for approval via the E-Zone. 

  • All walls must be self-supporting.
  • All stands should be designed and built in-line with the eGuide Venue and Organiser regulations.
  • To allow the open flow around the event we would request that you have no more than 3 linear metres without an opening.

If your stand shares a neighbouring wall with another exhibitor, it is important to ascertain from the Organiser the intended build plans for both parties.  All rear walling that is visible over the neighbouring stand will need to be dressed and finished, please note: no branding can be used above a neighbouring stand.

Space Only plan submission 

All space only exhibitors will need to submit the following information via the stand build plan submission form.

  • Stand plans clearing showing elevation and plan views with all measurements and dimensions noted; to include height, position of any AV, walling, major exhibits, platforms etc. Plans must clearly show the orientation of the stand within the event.
  • Stand build material information (if not included on your plans).
  • A specific risk assessment covering the build up and breakdown of the stand.
  • A method Statement covering the build up and breakdown of the stand.
  • A construction phase plan as your individual stand area is classed as a construction site in it’s own right.
  • Public Liability Insurance which covers the company building and dismantling your stand.
  • If your stand is complex (see below) you must also submit structural calculations and construction drawings.

Complex Stands

Should your stand be deemed to be complex the show’s structural engineer will need to be appointed to review your stand design and accompanying structural information / calculations.  

Complex stands can be defined as follows (please note that this is not an exhaustive list) – 

  • Any structure, regardless of its height, which requires structural calculations

  • Multi-story stands

  • Any part of a stand or exhibit which exceeds 4m in height

  • Custom-built/bespoke suspended structures

  • Sound/lighting towers

  • Staircases or steps

  • Platforms and stages over 0.6m in height and all platforms and stages for public use (not including stand floor flats and platforms)

If the Stand design is complex the following must also be supplied 

  • Structural calculations and construction drawings 

  • A completed certificate of structural integrity for the design by an approved structural engineer

  • The stand will also need to be inspected for final sign off on site, once built, before the exhibition is opened to the public

Please note that the exhibitor is liable for all charges relating to this.

Construction materials

Please consider sustainability in the design and build of your booth.

  • All materials must be compliant with the British standard relevant to that material.
  • You are required to take all materials with you from site.
  • Dressing i.e. Fabrics, Draping, etc. must be non-flammable. 
Glazing must be compliant with e-guide regulations, CLICK HERE

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