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14 Jun 2022


Woodnotes Stand: 35

Designed by the Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, the carpet saw the light of day originally 20 years ago at Helsinki Design Week 2002. 

Now the carpet has gone through product development process in which its final touch was found from natural dye.

The stripes of the Willow carpet are dyed using willow bark. / Maton tumma raidoitus on värjätty pajun kuorella, josta matto onkin saanut nimensä Willow (suom. Paju).

"This design found it's inspiration in music - or rather the uneven musical punctuation to the rhythm found in certain kinds of music", says Eero Koivisto from Claesson Koivisto Rune. Made of paper yarn, the carpet combines gentle tones of the irregular striping and the neutral base color. The stripes are dyed using willow.

Using willow as natural dye is an old and well-known technique, but the ecological dyeing is continuously developing to meet the needs and standards of the modern world, so that hopefully one day natural dyes could replace synthetic ones. For Woodnotes the use of willow dye is especially inherent, since the material of the carpet itself is spun from wood. Why travel further if you're already there?

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