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07 Jan 2022

Renki accessories series

Tapio Anttila Collection Stand: 8

Responsibility is the basis of everything to us, and it also guides our design. We are constantly learning to produce our furniture more and more ecologically. That’s why we monitor their production processes and try to find new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our furniture.

The RENKI concept is the result of one such study.

One important part of our collection is the sofa beds. We have succeeded in developing a unique collection of them, which have been awarded several design awards. Sofas have been very successful commercially and have a large production volume. All the sofas are united by the fact that they have a wooden frame and are 2 meters long, which becomes their bed feature.

At the sawmill, the standard length of the tree trunks is 3 meters, leaving a waste of about 0.8 meters of pieces in the manufacture of sofas. We developed the RENKI series, utilizing waste pieces generated in the manufacture of sofas. In this way, we optimize the use of material that reduces the carbon footprint of our products.


We calculate and observe the carbon footprint of all our products, which we compensate by planting new trees. A factor is used to calculate the sofas, which considers the percentage of wood material wasted. The carbon footprint of the RENKI concept products is thus almost zero, as it has already been considered in “mother” products i.e., sofas.


The RENKI concept includes small and multi-purpose shelves, coat rack, shoe rack and mirror. The products utilize the same parts, for example, the same board size is repeated on the shelf, coat rack and shoe rack. This reduces manufacturing emissions. The RENKI concept will be expanded and will be increased next with clothes hook, new clothes rack and benches and stools. All products in the concept are designed to go as flat as possible packing, which reduces transport emissions.

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