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24 Aug 2022

Piena chair

Tapio Anttila Collection Stand: 8

Wooden turned spindle-back chairs have been a popular utility in homes. Similar models have been designed and manufactured around the world for decades. The design of the new distinctive designs is challenging, as the spindle-back chair has already become a strong archetype to which it is difficult to bring new design.


The design of the PIENA chair has been based on improving sitting comfort. Often, the spindle-back chairs have a backrest at the top of the spindles that connects them to the wooden part that presses against the back when seated. In the PIENA chair, the backrest spindles are secured with a recycled leather belt, making the spindles flexible when seated. The backrest adapts to back of the seater and makes the seating experience comfortable. This simple structure gives the PIENA chair a unique appearance.


The PIENA chair is made of solid birch. The origin of the wood can be found in the QR code at the bottom of the seat. The chair has a small carbon footprint -only 9.9 kg CO2-e. The corresponding amount is compensated by forest plantations, in which case the chair is carbon neutral.


The PIENA chair belongs to the Tapio Anttila Collection bearing the name of the designer, where all products are carbon neutral, and their origin is opened.

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