23-24 AUGUST 2023

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Offering the vastest selection of high quality rugs in Finland, Mattocenter was established in 1972 and is now curated by the visionary couple Tinet & Vahit Wafin. This year the Helsinki-based, family business operated by a third generation of ambitious entrepreneurs has been collaborating with the world’s finest carpet and textile producers with 50 years of utmost expertise.

With the accumulated knowledge passed down from generations Tinet & Vahit work together in combining aspects of craftsmanship, aesthetics in curating Finland's largest selection of one of a kind rugs. To keep the selection unique, the Mattocenter family believes in hand-picking each rug: classic hand-knotted wool and silk rugs, nomadic rugs, kelims and a vast selection of modern rugs. 

Along with private home, Mattocenter supplies carpets for different kinds of interior design projects: offices, companies, hotels, museums, embassies and other public spaces. The trusty network allows delivering large quantities of carpets or even ordering custom-made carpets for not so traditional spaces. 

SAIDE is Tinet Wafin's colorful silk collection and shop-in-shop within the Mattocenter concept and online: cushions, handmade textiles and unique small homeware items that are designed to last a lifetime. The name Saide honors Tinet’s grandmother Säidä and it derives from Tinet's mothers tongue Tatar meaning silk. 

Mattocenter and Saide are known for their friendly and professional customer service experience. Immersed in the process of finding their customers a rug for life are the experience and knowledge about rugs and textiles and their characteristics: materials, producing methods, origin, how they endure time. The Wafin family is committed to working with responsible manufacturers and supporting the preservation of traditional craftsmanship that has been practiced in the old rug and textile regions for thousands of years.

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Fredrikinkatu 34, 00100 Helsinki
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  • Ikat Silk Pyramid

    07 Jul 2022
    With a rich, skillfully embroidered Ikat dyed silk these pyramid cushions are transformed into an elaborately made pieces of art.
  • Kelim

    06 Jul 2022
    Kelims are traditional handwoven woolen carpets produced in all traditional rug regions.
  • Modern

    07 Jul 2022
    The Modern collection consists of a large variety of classical rug types with a contemporary twist in the finishing, patterns or color use.
  • Tubular Ikat Velvet

    07 Jul 2022
    With a patterned silk velvet each cushion is unique, and similar cushions are produced in extremely small quantities, from four to ten pieces at a time.
  • Vintage

    07 Jul 2022
    Vintage rugs are repurposed old rugs that are given a new life by means of repairing, modifying and restoring the rug.
  • Yoga Bolster

    07 Jul 2022
    The Yoga Line tube cushion was originally designed for yoga with an intention to create a practical tool that is so beautiful that it doubles as an interior detail.

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