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Unio Collection

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The Unio Collection, an armchair and sofas, opens up a new chapter for Poiat Studio, focusing on new furniture forms and textures. The winner of Monocle's Warmest Design Award of 2022 offers a view of the new and upcoming while at the same time acknowledging the past decades’ influences and nostalgia.

The collection consists of three different sizes: a two and a three-seater sofa and a single-seater armchair. The single-seater armchair can be acquired with a swivel mechanism that allows the product to rotate and revert to its original position.

The selection of upholstery fabrics for Unio Collection is a carefully curated selection of fine fabrics from the industry’s most esteemed manufacturers, such as Dedar, Pierre Frey and Larsen. Both the armchair and the sofas are manufactured in Tartu, Estonia.

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