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20 Jun 2022

Aarikka Sauna Pail and Ladle

Aarikka Stand: 26

Sauna is a significant part of Finnish culture and life. Aarikka is known for its wood expertise and deep understanding of how to design items made of wood. When you join these two beautiful elements together, they elevate your sauna moment.

New Nuppu sauna pail is made of ecological biocomposite material with Aarikka beads in its handle.

Biocomposite material is a mixture of wood, cellulose fibre and bioplastic. Fibres that appear on the surface give the pail its lovely character. If you fill the pail with ice and water, you can use Nuppu as a nice cooler for your sauna drinks. 

Pail: Certified wood, cellulose fibre and bioplastic
Handle: Metal and maple with a protective coating
Capacity: 6 L
Height: 28 cm

The Nuppu sauna ladle is made of metal, and the handle contains wooden beads made of maple with a protective coating. Ladle length: 49 cm.

Material: Metal, maple with a protective coating
Length: 49 cm
Handmade in Finland.

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