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Sini Majuri Stand: B17

The recycled glass collection of small vases is inspired by soap bubbles and romantic movies. The philosophy of the vase is that the small details in our life are precious. In the hectic world it is important to pay attention to a single flower.

Studio made Pikku vase is hand shaped from recycled waste glass. The rhythm of the glass making process ensures that every vessel has unique splashes of color that mimic the dance of brush strokes of abstract impression. Every vase has their own breath. Its a metaphor for a soul of a piece that makes it more than mere interior object. Pikku combines sustainable thinking with Scandinavian design philosophy.

Pikku Collection mixes cool North with capricious Finnish glass blowing techniques that allow color flow freely within the glass layers. Glass collection is available in pink, blue and purple. Vessels are mouth blown and shaped by hand, signed and numbered.

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