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Kinnarps Stand: B7

Brand: Skandiform
Design: Margot Barolo

“The Lola of my childhood always dressed in a turban with red lips and high-heeled sandals to pick raspberries for our quickly thrown-together cream cake. Summers were followed by winters with a home filled with exciting furniture and deep scents from the big wide world around us. Lola was cool, sharp, and funny – but at the same time dependable when times were tough.”

Lola is a chair that wants to be your friend. Comfortable, fun, and reliable. Lola’s strong personality is the exclamation mark that will add character to any room and contribute to a great atmosphere. It’s a chair that’s comfortable and easy to sit on, but how you sit on it is up to you – and sometimes the most important thing is that there is someone there to support you.

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