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09 Aug 2022

Iittala Stands for Change

iittala Stand: 35

Thinking and acting responsibly is essential. Iittala does this by working with the best creative minds, investing in product development and thinking responsibly from the beginning of the design process to creating innovations while questioning practiced methods every step of the way and experimenting with new technologies. In autumn 2022, Iittala introduces new elements to its recycled glass, ceramics and textiles.

Iittala’s approach to sustainability is based on its design philosophy: to create progressive and functional objects with aesthetically pleasing design or inspiring artistic qualities that make them timeless items that will never be thrown away.
Along with its lasting design, Iittala's sustainability goals are focused on responsible ways of working throughout its value chain and around conscious use of materials, including the use of responsibly produced raw materials and increasing the use of recycled materials. Iittala’s aim is to minimize waste, with the target that by 2030 all waste from Iittala's own operations is recycled or reused with no waste sent to landfills. This target has already been reached at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland.
As part of Fiskars Group, Iittala has an ambitious goal of a carbon neutral business by improving the energy efficiency of its operations, investigating in renewable energy sources and reducing emissions from its value chain.
Iittala also wants to create a positive impact through its activities and communication. In 2022, Iittala supports the wellbeing of children and youth through mental health services and educational support by donating to local charities in Iittala’s key markets Finland, Sweden and Japan.
Pioneering in the use of recycled materials
One of Iittala's sustainability goals is to increase the use of recycled materials in its collections. The journey began in 2019 when Iittala introduced the first glass item made entirely of recycled glass at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland, a Raami tumbler. Since then the 100% recycled glass collection has been continuously developed, tested and expanded.
Iittala introduces a new item to the recycled glass range, an Ultima Thule O.F. glass. The previously introduced Raami tumbler, Kastehelmi tumbler and tealight candle holder, Alvar Aalto 160 mm and 120 mm vases and tealight candle holder and the Birds by Toikka Flycatcher will continue in the collection.

This autumn Iittala will launch the first result in a continuous research and development process with the first ceramic item in which a part of the material is recycled. The new Teema recycled 0,3 l mug is made using 15% recycled porcelain that is infused with virgin porcelain to secure high quality. The mug can be used for serving, in the microwave and in the refrigerator. The mug has a white base colour with small blue dots.

Using recycled materials is a way to reduce the strain on the environment by preventing waste materials from going to landfill and reducing the use of virgin raw
materials. Iittala was one of the first industrial manufacturers in the world to produce glass items made of 100% recycled material and continues to pioneer by bringing recycled material to ceramics. While the Teema 15% recycled mug is being piloted, Iittala is trying to find ways to increase the amount of recycled material in the ceramic mass and looking for new alternatives for recycled materials. This work is done in close collaboration with its factories and supply chain.

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