23-24 AUGUST 2023

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Are you sitting comfortably?

24 Aug 2022
Design Museum Helsinki

The chair is often perceived as a status symbol and one's position in a place of work or in their home. Using ‘empathy in design’ might change our perception of an object, leading us to connect in a different way. 

Sympathy involves understanding from your own perspective yet empathy involves putting yourself in the other person's shoes.   

Experience the empathetic stories of 4 designers/users and their chair. In becoming aware of the root cause of why the chair was designed as it was, we can better understand and connect with design, move towards a circular economy and away from a throw-away culture.

Hanna Laikola, Brand & Showroom Manager - Design Helsinki
Antti Hirvonen, Founder & CEO - Vaarnii
Carl Jemtelius, Regional Manager Nordics - MillerKnoll
Tapio Anttila, Designer & Co Founder - Tapio Anttila Collection
Oscar Kylberg, CEO and Co-Founder - Bernadotte & Kylberg

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