23-24 AUGUST 2023

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Design Fields Rules

Design Fields Rules

Clerkenwell Community 

We kindly ask all our exhibitors and contractors to respect that the surrounding area of Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) is largely residential. We would like to reiterate the need to act responsibly both in the venue and the surrounding area. Please be considerate and respectful when it comes to noise (loud voices, vehicles left running etc.) Please ensure there is no noise prior to 8am. The local community support is important to the staging of CDW, exhibitors and contractors found not to be acting responsibly will be ask to leave the festival site.

Canvassing / Aisle Congestion / Off stand promotions

Exhibitors may only conduct business and distribute literature from their own stands – please plan your space accordingly.  Activities may not spill into gangways or anywhere else across the site. 

On stand promotions are permitted provided they do not in any way interfere with other exhibiting companies.  Presentations which lead to crowding of the aisles, walkways and entrances, or in the view of the Organisers present a safety hazard, are not permitted.

Code of Practice

Please ensure that your stand is staffed at all times during the show open period and that all exhibits remain displayed during the show open hours.

In order that no discourtesy is shown to last minute visitors to the show, we ask that no dismantling of displays or exhibits commence until all visitors have left the halls on the final day of the exhibition. You will be notified of when it is safe to begin breakdown by the Floor Manager.

Products of companies not exhibiting at the show cannot be used on stands for display purposes without permission from the Organisers.

Fixing to venue

Under no circumstances is any exhibitor permitted to drill/fix anything to the walls or any part of the existing structure.  All structural additions made to the space must be explained in the stand plan and approved accordingly.

If you wish to drill / fix anything to your shell scheme stand, please contact andy.charlton@proj-x.org.uk as there will be additional costs.


The gangways within the event are the minimum permissible by law and have been subject to approval by the Local Authority. Under no circumstances can any part of your stand, furniture or exhibits project beyond the boundary of your stand.


Exhibitors are reminded that in accordance with the Rules & Regulations they must take out adequate exhibition insurance cover.

Whilst we take every precaution, we are not responsible for damage or loss to stand fittings and exhibits and cannot accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any properties introduced by the exhibitors and / or their agents / contractors. We advise you to take out adequate insurance to cover your property.

Cancellation and Abandonment insurance to cover your costs and expenses is also highly advisable should you not be able to attend due to adverse weather for example or if the show was to be cancelled or abandoned for any reason. This is a specialist form of insurance normally only found on a separate Exhibition Policy.

Flammable Liquids

The use of any flammable liquis is not permitted.


No loud working is permitted after 6pm, please ensure your take this into account during your build / de-rig planning.

Risk assessment & H&S requirements

Exhibitors must complete and return the Health & Safety declaration. Only once this has been received may personnel passes be applied for.

The exhibitor responsible for the stand should ensure that a suitable and sufficient assessment of risks to the health and safety of employees whilst they are at work, has been carried out. It should also cover persons not in his employment, arising out of, or in connection with the part the exhibiting company is to play within the exhibition (i.e. during the exhibition build-up, open days & breakdown). Such an assessment should be recorded and reviewed as necessary.

A person must be appointed who is responsible for health and safety matters on the stand. Their contact details should be detailed in your risk assessment.


As this is a trade show we do not encourage exhibitors to actively sell at the stands, however, please contact marlon.marle@m10group.co.uk if you need to discuss this further.

Storage and Packing Materials

There is no storage available within the venue. This includes storage for packing materials. If you are unable to remove your packing materials please contact our official logistics partner ILS jl@i-l-s.co.uk who can arrange this service for you.

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